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KennyKreations is a highly successful Australian business run by an energetic and creative mother-daughter team, Lyn and Christine Kenny.  KennyKreations creates and sells digital embroidery and sewing designs to thousands of customers from around the world through their website. 

KennyKreations’ entire business is conducted online, so they needed a website that would help them compete in the international market while still being easy for them and their customers to use. 

The challenge

Sewing and embroidery is a multi-billion dollar, highly competitive international market, and KennyKreations required an attractive website with a sophisticated shopping cart to succeed.  They needed a secure shopping area where their customers could safely purchase their designs, and because many of their customers were from overseas, the shopping cart needed to include a currency converter. 

KennyKreations also needed their designs to be available for digital download on their site.  While the site needed to be technologically advanced, it also needed to be simple for the Kenny’s to edit and update and easy for their customers to use.

The solution

Bluehype was able to provide a fully functional shopping site to meet the needs of KennyKreations and manage the entire sales process for them.  The shopping cart is highly secure, contains a currency converter and facilitates digital downloads.  Best of all, it basically manages itself – products are immediately available to the customer as a digital download once payment is received, and the system even sends thank you emails and adds the customers to the KennyKreations database.

Adding and editing products is simple for KennyKreations with their Bluehype site – all they have to do is upload a picture and type in the product information, and it appears on their site.  The sales process is also very streamlined for users, with only a few clicks and a short form before they can download their design. 

KennyKreations have also successfully used their site to build an international community around their brand, with blogs, newsletters and online groups.

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Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!