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It has taken us three years to find a web marketing partner that understands our needs as a reseller and the critical requirements of our clients. ...

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Easily Create Powerful Email Campaigns

  • Two professional templates designed for you by our graphic designers to match your look and feel (most businesses select a Newsletter and a general template)
  • Easy to use email campaign wizard that takes you through step by step, allows you to add your own content, insert your own images into your own templates, then select the customers that will receive the email based on their profiles
  • Send test emails to preview what your campaign will look like, before launching it to your selected audience 
  • Schedule your campaigns to go out on a specific date, or on a recurring time period, or at a later date to be entered (i.e. kept as a draft campaign yet to be scheduled)
  • Set up trigger based campaigns or automated email responses for creating a closed loop sales process. When a customer makes an enquiry, or signs up for a newsletter, or requests information specific to a product, automated email brochures can be triggered to be sent to them after a certain time period.
  • Personalise emails with any of the fields in your database. This means that each one of your customers can receive a personalised message that appears to be written specifically for them.
  • No technical skills necessary. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use the IntoResults software.
  • Use articles created by other people in your campaigns, or allow others to send articles you have written 
  • Produce and schedule your marketing in advance (up to 10 years in advance)
  • View your campaign history for duplicating campaigns that worked, as well as view upcoming schedule of activity for effective marketing management.
Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!