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The all in one email professional communication system lets you create, schedule and send professional, personalised, interactive letters to your existing and potential clients.Database Marketing

Build, develop and maximise your business.

Bluehype's database marketing solution is one of the best on the market, as it has been developed by business and marketing specialists. The software includes the following components:

Create Powerful Email Campaigns 

Create, schedule, and send professional, personalised, and interactive letters to your existing and potential clients, with the all in one email professional communication system.

Whether it be a newsletter, or an announcement of a sale (over 50+ strategies to choose from), this email marketing tool is full of features to make the process faster, organised and very effective. It's also designed to assist you to attract new clients, increase your sales, and improve communications with your prospects, business partners and customers.

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Build and Manage your Contact Lists 

Manage your contacts in one location. Being able to enter, edit, and profile each of your contacts is essential for effective, personalised communication. This tool has been set up so you can select sub groups for each communication that goes out - making your communication more targeted, and more effective in its results. Additionally, we have many features that help you build and maintain your growing list.

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Track results from all communication sent out. Communication is the vital business key to any marketing, ensuring that what has been sent out has been read and created results. This tool enables you to collect valuable data to assist in the evaluation of the marketing time and money spent, and shows you how to improve. It takes the guess work away!

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Online Surveys 

Gather vital information from your staff, clients and the greater market - to make your business more smarter, effective and results orientated. This is done simply by entering in all your questions, then selecting the type of question, and response type you want for each question.
Best of all, this survey software gathers all the results and produces reports for you to easily evaluate all your surveys. Quick, easy, fast and effective!

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Personalised specialist cards that make you look professional, unique and give you a leading edge to your market. Their uses are unlimited, and their results are effective. For example, imagine having a birthday card go out to your database automatically on their birthday - what would they say / think? For little effort from you!

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Event Management 

Be professionals when it comes to hosting your own events. Through the system, you can manage everything from the payments of events to the marketing. The system even allows you to print off your attendee list name cards with the click of a button, or market to both the groups of people that are attending your event to those that are not.

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SMS Messaging

Send personalised SMS messages easily to get an instant message to your clients.

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