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Bluehypes training workshop for resellers fostered an environment brimming with creativity and strategic thought. Both Tracey and James exuded ent...

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Bluehype Logo

Not all logos are created equal.

The word 'Logo' actually comes from the Greek 'logos', meaning image, symbol or sign. A logo should carry a message about the company, either subtly or noticeably. The logo will eventually become synonymous with the company, and represents core business values.

Bluehype's logo is unique and has interesting origins. As a contemporary business, Bluehype's core values include agility, opportunity, flexibility, and remaining light-footed commercially.  So when it came to creating a logo, we gathered to put our creative minds together. After much thought we came up with an idea aligned with the modern circus.

Think Cirque du Soleil or Cirque du Alegria, meaning 'activity' or 'movement' in Italian. In these new circuses, the animals are gone: instead, contemporary human performers that stretch and twist in stunning costumes have come to the fore. The stage is bathed in colour and lighting, and is immersed in a rolling fog. These performers are the contemporary thinkers, jugglers and contortionists who delight the eye and challenge the mind.

The circus now greets clients with the promise of the best theatre - of a tantalising spectacle and the ultimate in excitement.

We created our logo from this idea of agility and the will to excite our clients. Bluehype is more than just our symbol. It reminds us of the opportunity, drive, and focus to work wonders, and to keep us on track.

It is revolutionary and you too can be a part of that revolution. Just hear the music, crack the whip and let us convey our core values into your business - then you too can experience the amazing opportunities that Bluehype offers.

Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!