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The untapped potential of surveys for business

Written on the 29 May 2007 by Tracey Voyce

I have always been a great believer in the value of surveys yet in the past I did them reluctantly in my businesses as they took so long to set up and evaluate. Not any more...

This guide will touch on the massive value businesses are getting from conducting surveys. It will give you a snippet of the vast variety of surveys you can do and show you how fast and easy online surveys and evaluation can be.

The greatest key to achieving success as individuals and as a business always comes down to the questions you ask. The more you know, especially directly from the source, the better informed you are and the more successful you can become.

This applies to improving your service, your products and your management but also to understanding your customer better to facilitate the sales process and catapult your turnover.

What are some of the benefits of surveys?

Surveys can:

  • Take the guess work out of how people feel about you and what areas you need to improve on and how
  • Give you insight into what people really want in your product/service line
  • Give you the solution for increasing the effectiveness of your marketing results
  • Test the market on a product /service
  • Depending how the survey was designed, it can actually sell the product/service
  • Massively increase your sales conversion rates by telling you exactly what each customer wants
  • Help your business consistently improve

It is better to implement ideas that your target market want than to guess what they want.

The types of surveys are just as unlimited as the benefits they provide. Here are a few survey ideas to get you started -

Customer satisfaction:

  • New client
  • Per Product purchase
  • Per Service purchase
  • Regular service reviews
  • Review team (member) who served you...


  • New product testing
  • Focus group
  • Website evaluation
  • Conference Feedback
  • Speaker evaluation
  • Product/Service Evaluation
  • Product positioning
  • Brand awareness testing
  • Advertising effectiveness rating
  • Newsletter readership and evaluation
  • Competitor comparison

Human Resources (i.e. within your own team):

  • Employee evaluation
  • Job satisfaction
  • 360 reviews (staff and bosses)
  • Training evaluation
  • Employee business suggestion
  • Employee exit review

As with any of the IntoResults tools, our Survey Manager makes the whole process of producing your survey and evaluation a 'breeze'. With our normal step by step production process, our example surveys get you started with deciding what questions to ask and take you right through to the end where you just sit and wait for the responses and view your reports and graphs, all done within a matter of minutes.

This story was bought to you by IntoResults - whose suite of tools makes marketing simple and effective for small to medium sized businesses.

For more information on this topic and others, visit IntoResults.


Author: Tracey Voyce
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Add our site to your favourites!