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Restaurant finds recipe for success

Written on the 26 June 2007 by Tracey Voyce

Often reading stories of how other businesses get great results gives you the inspiration to do something new in your own business.  Read this case study of a restaurant that used our website and database marketing products to generate measurable results for their business.

This critically acclaimed restaurant had a reasonable stream of customers, but needed to increase their patrons frequency to fill their restaurant.  The restaurant wanted to have a regular clientele that returned often and were loyal to their business, and also bought friends and colleagues along with them.  The restaurant also organised and catered for corporate events, but this service didn't have many clients, so the restaurant wanted to start promoting it to their existing clients.


  • Sales - the restaurant wanted to increase their sales by encouraging customers to become regulars, and also by promoting their corporate events services.
  • Customer relations - in order to improve their relationships with their regular customers, the restaurant wanted to establish a VIP program to offer special deals and events to these customers to show their appreciation.
  • Leads - the restaurant wanted to encourage their current customers to spread the word about their business to their friends and family.


Using a variety of website add-on products and Internet Marketing tools, the restaurant took the following actions:

  • Promoted their website address on tables - in order to increase the traffic to their website and to collect contacts for their database, the restaurant designed cards to place on the table for each group of customers.  The card featured the website address and spaces for all the people at the table to write down their email addresses for the mailing list.  Every person that submitted their email address was given a free coffee with their meal.  This strategy helped the restaurant grow their database to hundreds of contacts within only a few weeks, and also increased traffic to their website.
  • Established a network of alliances - this restaurant got together with local businesses and their suppliers to form an alliance network.  This alliance was established because these businesses all had a similar target audience and wanted to combine their marketing efforts.  They advertised in and shared stories for each other's newsletters, organised combined events and offered special deals to customers of the other businesses.  This alliance worked well for restaurant because it gave them access to a whole new group of prospects, and also allowed them to offer more to their VIP clients.
  • Sent out a regular newsletter - in order to keep their business at the top of their clients' minds, the restaurant sent out a monthly newsletter to their database of contacts.  The newsletter contained fun local, upcoming events, a recipe from their chef, an idea for a corporate function theme or private party, and a story or offer from two of their alliances.  Because they had a balance of sales and general content, the newsletters were widely read.  The restaurant also sent out special marketing pieces with information about their corporate events to their restaurant customers to raise awareness of their other service.
  • Organised events for VIP customers - customers became VIPs after they were entered into the database and were entitled to special offers and invited to regular VIP events.  These events were organised in conjunction with the restaurant's alliance network and suppliers and were designed to promote all of the businesses together.  Some events included wine tasting, fashion parade, theme evenings, even a cocktail making evening.  All of the VIPs were encouraged to bring a guest, which resulted in the restaurant adding more contacts to their database, and the events were a great success in strengthening customer relations. (Their system enabled them to send out invitations to the event, take their bookings online and even payment)
  • Created an online menu - the website's traffic was growing and in order to entice these people to visit the restaurant, the restaurant photographed all of their meals and then uploaded these pictures onto a menu on the website.  The menu photos attracted a lot of visitors, and many new customers mentioned the photos when they visited the restaurant.
  • Created an online photo gallery for their patrons and corporate events - the restaurant hired a professional photographer to take photos at the restaurant each evening and at their corporate events.  The restaurant then made these pictures available for viewing and purchase on their website.  This helped to promote their corporate events services to their restaurant customers and also to increase their website traffic.


This online business overcame all of their challenges by using the innovative software of Bluehype Services and IntoResults.  This business used the following products:

Author: Tracey Voyce
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