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Join the blogging revolution!

Written on the 21 August 2007 by Tracey Voyce

Even if you have never read one, you will more than likely have heard about blogs.  They have become one of the most popular ways that people use the web because they give everyday people the chance to share their opinions with millions of other Internet users. 

A blog is an online journal with numerous entries, with the most recent entry displayed first.  Blogs typically contain the author's commentary and views on certain topics, such as business, politics, sport, food or the media.  Blogs can also function as a personal diary - bloggers write about their innermost feelings and secrets, but can remain anonymous to their readers. The most popular blogs are typically those that are particularly insightful or useful, as well as those that are humourous or controversial.  

The keys to a successful blog are interactivity and regularity.  Users that read a blog can leave comments on what the blogger has written and the blogger can reply to their comments.  This makes blogs immediate and personal and helps the blogger to build relationships with readers.  Bloggers need to make regular entries in to their blog in order to keep the attention of their readers and develop a loyal readership.  This is very important, because readers will soon stop visiting a blog if it takes weeks for the author to update it.

Blogs for businesses

In recent times, the popularity of blogs has caught the attention of business people, and many of them are now using blogs to communicate with their target market.  Blogs are a great branding tool and can be useful for generating new sales leads.  A business blog can be from the company itself, or directly from the business owner or CEO to make it more personal.  The benefits of blogging for businesses include:

  • Positioning yourself as an expert/leader - use your blog to communicate your expertise in your particular area or niche.  To make this work, you will need to write consistently, write well and have an opinion.
  • Building relationships - increase the confidence your prospects and customers have in your business by sharing information in a transparent, open and honest way. This will also increase their loyalty to your business.
  • Increase sales - according to online market research firm ComScore Networks, blog readers are 30% more likely to buy product or services online, so write an interesting and engaging blog and watch your sales increase.
  • Build a community around your brand - because blogs are so interactive, you can use one to build a customer community. You can post the latest news about products and customers can voice their opinions and have input in to your product/service development.
  • Make your site more interesting - if your website is at the core of your business, you want your site visitors to spend a significant amount of time on it so they are exposed to your products longer.  Having an interesting, interactive blog is a great way to keep them on your site.

Blogging with Bluehype

You can quickly and easily create your own blogs using Bluehype's blogging software.   The blog is a user-generated section of your website where you write entries in a journal style and they are displayed in reverse chronological order on your site.  The blogging software allows viewers of the blog to post comments relating to that particular blog. Plus, the blog also produces an up-to-date RSS feed that your clients and prospects can subscribe to. When it comes to the interactivity of your blog, you can decide whether you want comments to automatically appear on your website, or whether you want to moderate them before they go live. 

Blogs are a simple and effective way to connect with your prospects and clients and to generate leads and sales.  Bluehype's simple, user-friendly makes blogging quick and easy for all businesses.

For an example of the Bluehype blogging software, please click here.

Author: Tracey Voyce
Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!