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Improving your branding with case studies

Written on the 26 June 2007 by Tracey Voyce

Looking for a simple way to improve your branding, promote your products to your prospects and educate your clients on making the most out of your services?  You need a case studies manager.

Case studies are examples of how clients have used your products to generate success for their business.  They are 'success stories' that explain what the client did, which products they used and what their results were.  For example, an accountant might have a case study about a client that saved thousands of dollars by using his services.  

Case studies are a great promotional and sales tool for businesses of any size and type.  Having positive stories about your business displayed on your website is a great way to strengthen your brand image.  Case studies are also a great indirect way to promote your products to prospective customers.  We all know that people dislike being sold to, so use a case study to expose them to your products without bombarding them with sales pitches.  Case studies are also a simple way to 'value-add' for your current clients, because they can read the stories of other clients and be inspired with ideas for their own business.

Our case studies manager makes it easy to organise all your case studies once you have written them.  The manager collates all your case studies on your website and then lists them on a page on your website with an image, short description, and a link so that users can click to 'read more'. Once viewing the individual case study, the user can see a heading, description, and web link, and they can read more and view an image.

Additionally, you can add a list of other links from that particular case study to any other page within the website. For example, the list of links could be the range of products that the case study refers to.

If you want to utilise the power of case studies on your website, then you need our case studies manager to make organising and displaying them fast and simple for you.

For more information on the Bluehype case studies manager, click here

Author: Tracey Voyce
Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!