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How to quickly build your contact database

A common element in the success of a thriving businesses is their ability to take advantage of their database of contacts (clients, past clients, prospects etc). And while in the past, growing this database involved a lot of time and manual effort, it is now possible to automate this process thanks to the IntoResults system.  

Your contact list is your business goldmine and it must be kept up-to-date. Thankfully, there are a limitless number of strategies that you can use to update and grow this list with ease. Your contact list can be used to get your clients to purchase from you more frequently, refer your business to others and for prospects, become your customers.

Here are a few ideas on how you can build your list of contacts, or to help expand your existing contact database:

·          Assess your business

For starters, examine every point of contact you have with possible clients, and use it to gather details such as:
- Seminars, workshops
- Trade shows (get cards from fellow presenters and attendees in your target market); or
- Collect business cards at Networking functions.


NB/Be aware to be compliant with the SPAM act you MUST ask for permission to include them on your mailing list

If you don't have time to ask them there, send them an email immediately stating how you got their details and ask permission to include their details within your mailing list quickly covering the value they will receive.

·          Sign-up Contacts

Get every new customer to complete a form either at your premises on your website to automatically capture their details and populate your database of contacts. 


Your online sign-up form should be simple to use, and fast for the client to complete.  Remember to briefly describe what they are signing up for and its frequency. Keep the number of details you are requesting less than seven points in total and where possible, use drop down boxes for speed and efficiency. The IntoResults system makes it easy to create a form that can automatically update your contact list's details - for further assistance with this, give us a call.

·          Excite them to want to sign up immediately

Keep your website and your eMarketing campaigns interesting and engaging to encourage people to sign up.  Send a postcard or letter to your contacts to give them an incentive to sign-up on your website, so you capture peoples email address and other details.


Other incentives may include prizes, e-books, white papers or discounts on your website, to increase your sign up conversions.


For fresh contacts, consider running a competition on your website or through other mediums to capture their details that includes a tick box that is already ticked, giving you permission to send the contact future offers or ePromotions. 


·          Promote It

Consider promoting the 'sign-up' facility in your eNewsletter, so that if someone wants to send articles to a friend, they too can subscribe easily.


Also promote your 'sign-up' form on the home page of your website, or better still on every page within your site. This form will automatically place your contact's details into your contact database and subscribe them into your predefined groups.



·          Foster Teamwork
Remember, many hands might light work, so get everyone in your team to ask each new caller, visitor, or appointment for permission to be placed on your mailing list. Consider offering new contacts access to your free, members-only eNewsletters or other special offers.


Remember the key to massive sign-ups is to describe the content of your ePromotions from a WIIFM (What's in it for Me) perspective. Position your ePromotion as access to an exclusive club filled with many benefits, lots of important information and special VIP offers.

Another technique for securing even more sign-ups is to add a subscribe link to the signature file on all your team's outgoing emails.


·          Make your Name Known

Get your company brand out there by supplying articles to other businesses and including a link on your website that features a sign-up page.  In addition, you could also make your articles public within the Article Library for other IntoResults users. These articles can feature a link back to your website and sign-up form.


Another method is to advertise your ePromotions on search engines or other websites? There's a myriad of ways to get your name known!

Put all of these processes into consistent action and your database of contacts will grow constantly. And so will your business.

For more information, visit IntoResults.com - whose suite of tools makes marketing and communications simple and effective for small to medium-sized businesses. 

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Author: Website Standards Association
Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!