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How to get more people to buy off you

Written on the 29 May 2007 by Tracey Voyce

So what do you do to get people to buy off you, if they don't buy the first time?


  • Someone calls you to find out about your services but you don't sell them there and then - what happens next?
  • A new visitor arrives at your website but they don't buy or make contact with you - what happens next? Do they go away, and you just hope they come back again?
  • Your salesperson visits someone on a cold call and they are not in the market to buy at this stage - what happens next?

For 99.9% of businesses, nothing!

Did you know that in the average business it takes six times to sell to someone.  Even if it only takes two or three times for your business, what strategies do you have in place to manage this so they end up buying off you?

Here are four fast, simple and easy to do suggestions to get you started:

  • Send them a newsletter or regular message from you (that includes offers/incentives to buy now and positions you as the expert, so they always remember you and are one step closer to wanting to buy off you)
  • Send them an invitation to a seminar/workshop, so you can teach them something and wow them so they end up buying off you
  • Send them a few e-book or information guides that position you as the expert, helps them out, and has subtle messages selling your services
  • Have a series of automated messages that go out to them that facilitates the buying process with you

So, work out how you could manage the non-buyers in your business.  Find the ways you can do it so they are leveraged (covers many at once), and requires the least amount of effort from you and your team.

If you are interested to know how it could work in your business, contact one of our business experts at IntoResults.

For more information on this topic and others, visit IntoResults.



Author: Tracey Voyce
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Add our site to your favourites!