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Franchisees on top of their marketing easily

Written on the 29 May 2007 by Tracey Voyce

Franchisor gets their Franchisee network on top of their marketing easily and cost effectively

The challenge for most Franchisors is getting their Franchisees to do their own local marketing, as well as ensuring there is consistency with the marketing efforts of all their Franchisees. 

Here is a story about one Franchisor who no longer has this challenge - their franchisees are now sending out some great marketing pieces, with very little effort.

  • Each Franchisee sends their new clients a series of automated messages welcoming them to their business and alerting them of all their team members and other services
  • All clients now automatically receive birthday cards on their birthdays
  • All their prospects, clients and alliances are receiving monthly newsletters
  • All their prospects, clients and alliances automatically receive fun seasonal cards
  • Quarterly special offer packages get sent out to their databases
  • Seasonal sales messages are there ready for the Franchisee to send out
  • Sales letter templates are there ready for the sales teams to use
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys are there ready for them to send out to their  clients every year
  • Everyone in their databases can now automatically update their details

Now the Franchisees can concentrate most of their efforts on doing business, while amazing marketing just happens for them.

This ensures they stay top of mind for their prospects and generates enquiries from them.  Also, as a result of the personalized messages, clients feel that the Franchisee cares about them and  therefore stay with them longer.

This all happens because the Franchisor has invested in its own rebranded version of IntoResults so they can easily install all these marketing pieces for their Franchisees.  It also provides a 'differentiator' during the new franchisee recruitment process.  And because it is so easy for the Franchisee to use and all the material is there for them, their marketing activities have increased, and so has their revenues and profits.

For more information on this and other topics, visit IntoResults.

Author: Tracey Voyce
Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!