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Automated client process makes an impression

Written on the 29 May 2007 by Tracey Voyce

A Winning Strategy to make your clients feel special from the beginning with little effort from you...

Two common business challenges have now been overcome with this new strategy:  Lack of time and keeping your new client service levels high

  • Lack of time is always a challenge in business, so any strategy that automatically happens, has the potential to make money and build loyalty will always be a winner
  • New clients can get swept up by your sales process only to perceive your after sale effort as not as good. This especially is because most businesses don't have a new client process. Well not any more!

Now all you have to do is document a new client process, build your individual campaign notices, then schedule it to happen (i.e. every time a new client is put into a specific group within your contact lists on IntoResults.com they will receive these scheduled series of emails).

Wow, now you have the best new client process, which your new clients just love, that now happens automatically with no effort from you - how great is that!


A Weight Loss Clinic sends a series of motivational pieces, diet planners, and education as the client goes through the program with them:
Week 1 - Welcome message with important contact details
Week 2 - Recipe ideas aligned with their diet
Week 3 to end - A variety of messages, information and tips


A Gynaecologist, with their new pregnant mums, sends them a weekly update on their foetus's progress.


An Accountant sends a variety of educational aids/tools to his clients every fortnight over the first six months of their tenure with him.

This strategy could also be used for a regular contact schedule for prospects, or alliances, or to provide a subscribed paid service.

How could this work in your business?
Would it save you a lot of time?
Would it create a great new client experience for your client that no other business like yours is doing?

If the answer is 'Yes' to any of the above questions, then you need to become a member of IntoResults, so you too can save time and can have your clients raving about you to many others!

For more information on this and other topics, please visit IntoResults.


Author: Tracey Voyce
Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!