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Bluehype is an excellent group to work with. They have a great range of products that acutally produce results that benefit businesses

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Our Content Management System is so simple that even a novice computer user will be able to update their website quickly and easily!Revolutionise your client's businesses with a Bluehype 3G website...

Bluehype-designed 3G websites are by far the most technologically advanced and user-friendly websites available, boasting more advanced options in terms of development, appearance, and interaction than ever before.

Designed to give a value-packed entry-level module with add-on features, a Bluehype-designed 3G website is a hard working site that will generate results for your client's business.

Our 'not so' standard, base model website package includes all the following cutting edge features:

Content Management System (CMS)

Driven by a sophisticated database program and back-end system, the content, page layout and menu of each of Bluehype's 3G websites can be easily maintained by you and your client - you don't need to pay or wait for us to do it!  Our Content Management System is so simple that even a novice computer user will be able to update their website quickly and easily.  

Accessed by logging on to www.thewebconsole.com, the Bluehype Content Management System allows you to:

  • Modify current pages within a system that is as easy-to-use as Microsoft Word.
  • Add new pages (up to a pre-determined page limit).
  • Add and edit images using the online image editor.
  • Password protect individual pages for added security.
  • Easily change the navigation menu - in particular, the order, visibility and location of items within the menu.
  • Maintain the meta tags to automate search engine optimisation.
  • Easily access and modify all contact details - all changes are filtered throughout the website, including footer information and 'contact us' forms, which make changing details even simpler.
  • Access invoices and billing status - our automated billing system allows clients and resellers to view their invoices, and their status (paid, unpaid, overdue etc).

Certified and Approved by Website Standards AssociationWSA endorsed

All Bluehype websites conform to the Website Standards Association's requirements for a functional and hard-working site.

Regulating the technical standards, usability and functionality of a website, Website Standards Association is an industry body which helps to guide and direct the web industries.

As a Bluehype client, your website is designed and created according to the website standards specified at www.websitestandards.com

Professional Graphic Design

Pretty websites aren't necessarily functional websites - except when it comes to a Bluehype-designed 3G website. Our professional graphic design team has mastered the ability of balancing design with function for online material.

Project Management

With traditional web development, the creation of a website will nearly always run over time and over budget. But with the development of Bluehype's project management software, out of control timelines are a thing of the past.

With our proprietary system, you can be sure you and your clients will get lots of creative input - you can view and comment on designs, uploads, and copy, as well as filling in creative briefs online.  And best of all, we always deliver on our promises.

Additional Base Module Features

  • 'Tell a friend' form -  Website users can easily send a link of the page they are on to anyone else via email.  This encourages viral marketing from the website.
  • 'Print this page' - This functionality removes the site template, leaving only the text and images within the copy for easier printing.
  • Sitemap page - Automatically generated sitemaps create a tertiary form of navigation that is accessed by 'search engine crawlers.' Google Sitemap
  • XML sitemap - Automatically informs search engines about every page on your website that are available for crawling - particularly useful as search engines often cannot reach all areas of a website. Eg: www.bluehype.com.au/sitemap.xml
  • 'Contact us' form - Allows users of the website to easily contact the website owner, yet also means that SPAM crawlers cannot pick up any email addresses on the website.  This function is essential for the smooth running of any website.

Additional Products

This however is only the starting point - you have the options to add other tools to your 3G website. Our development team has created a number of products that can assist in each of the following areas:

Click on each to find out more.

Add our site to your favourites!

Add our site to your favourites!